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Translation Chat: English and Indonesian Academic Words

Translation Chat

If you love both Indonesian and English, join us for our online translation chat.
We'll get together for a talk about Indonesian and English Academic Words, delivered by Dr Deny Kwary.
Then we will collect and practice translating academic words, in a fun and interactive session.

English and Indonesian Academic Words
Friday, 10/02 at 19:00 (Western Indonesia Time)
For how  long? 
45 min
What  will you have to do?

  • Just log in on our online meeting space (desktop or tablet recommended) and have the Indonesian living dictionary opened on another window or on your mobile-phone. 
  • We will start with a mini talk on Indonesian and English Academic Words. We will also have a discussion and translation practice, where you will have the chance to translate around 10-20 words. We'll provide all the directions and you can ask questions at any point. 

Why  take part in it?

  • You'll become part of the living dictionary and help preserve digital resources for Indonesian, which will then be made available to the community on the living dictionary site. 
  • You will also have a change to meet our Language Manager, Dr Deny Kwary, and fellow community members who share a love an interest for Indonesian.
  • And it will be fun!

How do  I sign up?

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