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Bilingual Vocabulary Challenge

The Bilingual Vocabulary Challenge (BVC) on Information Technology from the Oxford Indonesian living dictionary was held on 2 November 2016 at Universitas Trunojoyo Madura. More than one hundred students from the English study program attended the BVC event. Universitas Trunojoyo Madura (http://www.trunojoyo.ac.id) is a state-owned university located in Bangkalan, Madura Island, Indonesia. The university has been established since 2001 and it has seven faculties. The English study program is under the Faculty of Social and Cultural Sciences.


The BVC was started with a general lecture on translation strategies. The lecture was delivered by our Indonesian Language Manager, Dr. Deny A. Kwary. The general lecture was then followed with a translation practice where the participants added words related to Information Technology and their translations to the Oxford Indonesian living dictionary online.  


The winner of this BVC is Alma Erin Mentari. She contributed 44 high-quality translations during the event. Herewith her opinion about the Oxford Indonesian living dictionary.

1. What attracted you to be part of the Indonesian living dictionary? 
To help Indonesians more easily understand the English Language. And I’m committed to increase the number of Indonesian words, especially from those borrowed from English words. 

2. How do you think Indonesian speakers can benefit from it? 
Certainly, Indonesian speakers can benefit from using the Indonesian living dictionary. The living dictionary does not only consist of words but also sentences which are useful in understanding the language. And also, the living dictionary has a forum which provides suggestions to language problems.  

3. Do you have a favourite Indonesian word or saying? Why? 
My favourite Indonesian word is 'alay'. I frequently use it when I talk to my friends. I often use that word after I say some sentences. That word actually refers to someone who is over-acting or narcissistic, but it can actually work to make a situation cheerful.  

4. Are there any other features you would like to see on the website? 
I often see the information in the Word of the Day column, and it would be nice to have a column for new words as we can look smart when we know new words.

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