Member of the Month: Dewantoro Ratri

Our top contributor for February 2017 is Dewantoro Ratri. Dewa is currently pursuing his career as a top-notch English interpreter, translator and trainer. As a former Fulbright Indonesian Teacher grantee who taught Indonesian to American students, Dewa knows exactly how important it is to have a reliable source to help translate and teach English-Indonesian language pair. Contributing to Oxford Indonesian Living Dictionary is his effort to give back to the community and to leave prints in goodness. Herewith our interview with him.

1. What attracted you to be part of the Indonesian living dictionary?

I am a translator. When working, I often have to open many dictionaries to find specific terminologies. In the internet, so many people help make posts about various terms and this significantly eases my job as a translator. I often imagine if there is a dictionary that can accommodate all those words, terms and terminologies both in English and Indonesian. The Oxford Indonesian Living Dictionary provides such space and my task is to become the person I want to be, which is the one who contributes in helping others to find the right translation.

2. How do you think Indonesian speakers can benefit from it?

The best way to gain something is by sharing. By taking a little of our time to add vocabularies in the website, we will automatically learn to memorize those vocabularies and also the vocabularies exposed in the website either intentionally or not.

3. Do you have a favourite Indonesian word or saying? Why?

Well, there are many of them! hahaha, Cannot choose one. Every time I translate a document, I would be exposed to a lot of new vocabularies or specific terms and this is the most fun in my work. Learning and get paid!

4. Are there any other features you would like to see on the site?

Yes, there are a few. It would be better if we could include a picture. Other than that, there are so many classes of words but in this site, only four major word classes are available. It would be better if we include other important word classes like prepositions, conjunctions and so on.

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