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Member of the Month: Firdiana

Our Member of the Month for December 2016 is Firdiana Ayuni MNA. She was one of the participants of the Bilingual Vocabulary Challenge (BVC) held at Dr. Soetomo University, Surabaya, East Java.

In addition to her activity as a student at the English Study Programme, Firdiana is also a private tutor of English language. Herewith her opinion about the Oxford Indonesian Living Dictionary.

What attracted you to be part of the Indonesian living dictionary? 
I became interested in this living dictionary and being a contributor of it due to my curiosity in this website. I enjoy exploring this website and sharing knowledge on Indonesian and English vocabularies.

How do you think Indonesian speakers can benefit from it? 
This website enables us to share our linguistic knowledge freely. We can also use it to add and learn new words. It is excellent tool for learning and remembering Indonesian and English words and expressions.

Do you have a favourite Indonesian word or saying? Why? 
My favourite saying is “Jangan Patah Arang” (‘don’t lose hope’). This saying clearly states that we should not give up under any circumstances. We should not give up easily or else our dreams will not be achieved.

Are there any other features you would like to see on the site? 
In my opinion, the feature that needs to be added into this website in an information feature which includes information on scholarships, exchange study programmes, and English culture understanding programmes.

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