Terjemahan pula di Bahasa Inggris


as well, likewise

kata keterangan

  • 1

    as well, likewise
    ‘Fitrah menangis, demikian pula Wayan’ Fitrah cried, Wayan did too
    ‘lagi pula’ moreover
    ‘mungkin pula’ probably also
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  • 3

    who else, where else, how else, etc.
    ‘siapa pula yang pergi ke Balikpapan?’ who else went to Balikpapan?
  • 4

    how in the world, why in the world, what in the world, etc.
    ‘mengapa pula mau ke rumah guru?’ why on earth do you want to go to the teacher's house?
  • 5

    ‘belum pula selesai’ still not done or completed