There are 2 main translations of charge in Indonesian

: charge1charge2



  1. Examples

    • a booking charge

      ongkos pesan

    • an extra or additional charge

      harga tambahan

    • there's no charge

      gratis, tanpa biaya, tanpa ongkos

  2. Examples

    • Tom took charge of the little children

      Tom mengurus anak-anak kecil

    • who's in charge here?

      siapa yang bertanggung jawab di sini?

  3. Examples

    • to be on a charge of theft

      dituduh mencuri


  1. Examples

    • how much do you charge for a day?

      Anda mengenakan bayaran berapa seharinya?

    • they charge twelve dollars a go

      biayanya dua belas dolar sekali jalan

  2. Examples

    • to charge with


    • the police charged Edi with stealing

      polisi menuduh Edi mencuri

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