There are 2 main translations of know in Indonesian

: know1know2



  1. Examples

    • I know they've left the country

      saya tahu mereka sudah keluar negeri

    • yes, I know

      ya, saya tahu

    • you never know!

      siapa tahu!

  2. Examples

    • do you know Tasem?

      apakah Anda kenal Tasem?

    • I don't know his sister

      saya tidak kenal adiknya

  3. Examples

    • to know how to, to know about

      bisa, dapat, mengerti, tahu bagaimana

    • Yati knows how to make gado-gado

      Yati tahu bagaimana membuat gado-gado

    • I know how to mend it

      saya dapat memperbaikinya

    • Syafrie knows about computers

      Syafrie mengerti tentang komputer

  4. Examples

    • to know by heart


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