Translation of mean in Indonesian



  1. Examples

    • what do you mean?

      apa maksud Anda?

    • that's not what I meant

      itu bukan maksud saya

  2. Examples

    • to mean to do

      bermaksud untuk

    • I meant to phone my mother

      saya bermaksud untuk menelepon ibu saya

  3. Examples

    • what does that mean?

      apa artinya?

  4. Examples

    • to be meant to do

      seharusnya melakukan

    • she was meant to be here at six

      dia seharusnya tiba jam enam


  1. Examples

    • she's really mean to her little sister

      dia memang jahat terhadap adik perempuannya

    • what a mean thing to do!

      (perbuatan) jahat sekali!

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